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School is Open

Alternative School Mission and Purpose

Alternative School

Mission and Purpose

The Alternative School program is intended to serve students who are not succeeding in the traditional educational setting and aide in the prevention of these students becoming dropouts. Priorities for entrance into Alternative School are: 

1. Students returning from expulsion that are required to attend a semester of Alternative School before returning to South Ripley High School. Students returning from expulsions will be given a specific schedule of core courses and may not earn more than 10 credits in any one semester. 

2. Seniors in need of credit recovery for more classes than they can fit into their schedules or for a class needed for their graduation/diploma. A priority will be given to students that need credit in classes that are (1) not offered during the next school year and (2) would be difficult to fit into the students’ schedules because of other required classes they must take or a commitment to other curricular programs, i.e., Southeastern Career Center. 

3. Fifth year seniors who need to complete graduation requirements. 

4. Underclassmen must be at least one year behind in credits with priority given to juniors over sophomores. The same criteria will be used for other grades with juniors given the high priority, then sophomores to fill the remaining seats available in the class. 

5. Students who move in during the semester may be allowed to take courses in which they were enrolled in their previous schools that are not offered at South Ripley High School. 

6. Teen Parent/Expectant Mother 

7. Emancipated Youth 

8. Other Case-by-Case Situations 

The goal of Alternative School is graduation. From the simplest standpoint this means earning credits, but the endeavor includes the much broader scope of the expectations listed in our Expected Results/Indicators of a South Ripley Alternative Education. To help maintain a positive atmosphere, students adhere to a very clear set of standards. Participation in Alternative School is for those willing to rise to the expectations. Students must be committed to work and committed to being a positive member of the learning community. Disrespectfulness, negativity, and insufficient commitment to work are all behaviors that are not tolerated. Great efforts are put toward redirecting behaviors and helping students find new ways to act, react, and interact. However, if students do not comply, they will not be allowed to continue participation in the Alternative School program.

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