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Shortly before the start of the 2010-2011 school year, CNN-SR and the entire school community suffered a tragic loss when Senior Anchorman Tanner Tucker was killed in a car accident. Tanner joined CNN-SR as a seventh grader and soon became a very important part of our team. Tanner enjoyed producing openings and bringing the news and sports reports to students and staff. We will miss his smile and great sense of humor with each broadcast.
CNN-SR is a student produced television news program about the community and school life of South Ripley Jr. Sr. High School. First aired on September 8, 1998 during homeroom period, the founding members of the video/editing club were Jordan Grossman, Hannah Lawburgh, Danny Moore, Amanda Swinney, Keith Swinney, Kenny Tapp, Justin Freytag, Trent Hunger, Jenna Rump and Monica Strassell. The idea for CNN-SR came from the group's participation in Media Fair.
During the 2013-2014 school year, CNN-SR will air weekly during the activity period when the schedule allows. The show is hosted by several anchors and the broadcast is live with video footage of school activities and events.
Students enrolled in Media Tech produce openings, video tape activities and events, and edit for the CNN-SR broadcast. Media Tech students also help students edit their class projects throughout the year as well as participate in the contests. To enroll in Media Tech, the student must be a member of
CNN-SR. Students interested in becoming a member of CNN-SR may fill out an application in January and the current members vote on who they feel will make good working members.

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