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"Connecting the Unconnected" Grant

"Connecting the Unconnected" Grant
Thank you to IMLS, the Indiana State Library, and the LSTA program for the 2008 technology mini-grant.
althp 2133 mini notebook with Kingston jump drive and backpack
Our first year with the mini notebooks has been very successful. Several students took the opportunity to borrow them overnight. The majority of our borrowers were junior high students. Students quickly learned how to use Open Office, save documents to the jumpdrives, and save to their folders on the school network. The mini notebooks will be available for student check out in August. Additional information about this grant and guidelines are listed below.
The South Ripley Jr. Sr. High School Library Media Center has received a grant from the IMLS. This grant will increase the number of computers available in the library media center and provide students who do not have home computers with the use of laptop computers overnight.
This grant has helped us purchase eleven (11) hp 2133 model mini notebook laptops. Each mini notebook will be checked out from the library with a Kingston jump/thumb drives and a hp backpack.
Students will be able to use the mini notebooks in the library media center during the school day. The mini notebooks will easily connect to the school network through a wireless connection.
Students who do not have computers at home will be able to check out a laptop computer to take home for the evening. In order to borrow a mini notebook laptop computer the students and parents/guardians agree to the following:
  • Students, Parents and/or Guardians will let Mrs. Strimple know in advance when they will be needing a laptop to take home. The request must be made before 7th period.
  • The student will make arrangements with Mrs. Strimple for pickup.
  • The student will keep the laptop in its backpack when transporting to and from school and when not in use.
  • The student agrees not to connect the laptop to the Internet at a friend's or family member's home or the public library.
  • The student must save all work onto the jumpdrive/flashdrive provided with the laptop.
  • The students will print their information from the jumpdrive/flashdrive in the library while returning the laptop, backpack, and jumpdrive/flashdrive to Mrs. Strimple.
  • The student must return the laptop to Mrs. Strimple the very next day. If for some reason the student is not coming to school the next day, the parent or guardian will need to bring the laptop, backpack, and jumpdrive/flashdrive to school.
  • The student who has signed the laptop out from the library media center will only use the laptop.
  • The student will keep the laptop away from younger brothers and sisters.
  • The student will keep the laptop away from any pets.
  • The student agrees not to eat or drink while using the laptop.
Students, parents and/or guardians agree to abide by the laptop guidelines. The cost of the laptop is $530. Should the laptop become damaged and/or lost, the students, parents, and/or guardians agree to reimburse the South Ripley Library Media Center for any damages or replacement.
"Connecting The Unconnected" laptop grant agreement maybe picked up from Mrs. Strimple in the library media center.
Parents, Guardians, and students who are interested in this opportunity need to contact Mrs. Strimple at 689-5303 or for details.

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