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Don't let the research blues get you down. The South Ripley Library Media Center has many resources to chase those research blues away.

Books are always a great start, but the world of online magazine and newspaper articles also provide the researcher with reliable and accurate information. Remember when you use an article from a magazine, newspaper, and/or a reference book online, you will cite that source as a magazine, newspaper, or book. You are using the internet to get to the source; therefore, it will not be cited as a website.
Online Databases
Pick up an online information sources sheet with passwords that you will need to access these sites from Mrs. Strimple in the library.
At this time the library media center still subscribes/uses the following databases. If at anytime you have trouble accessing any databases listed below, please notify Mrs. Strimple.
NewsBank - web address is http://infoweb.newsbank.comNewsBank links are below, if at any time you find that the links are not working, please notify Mrs. Strimple. Just click on the link that best answers your research needs.  NewsBank is a source that has text to speech.
Makes it easy to search and browse hundreds of U.S. newspapers published from 1690 through the 20th Century, including titles from all 50 present states.  Provides both a timeline and topic search covering all major events in US History from the colonies to the Civil War, World Wars I and II, the launch of the internet and much more.  Please check out the following tutorial:  How to Use the Historical Timeline.

Over 3,000 state, regional, national and international newspapers and key sources with a user-friendly U.S. and global map interface. Provides diverse viewpoints of local and world issues for Current Events, Debate, Economics, Research Papers, and Speech.  Please check out the following tutorials:  Using the Map Interface and Advanced Searching and Using Suggested Topics.

alt (1992-Current)
Coverage of U.S. and international news, the arts, business, careers, history, health, science, sports, and technology from well-known and familiar magazines.


Find A Topic
(All Categories) web address is 
Find information for research assignments and current issues and events on all topics including economics, education, the environment, health, literature, people, performing and fine arts, politics and government world cultures, social issues, technology, science and more.

INSPIRE - web address is If your paper or project requires information about a person, Mrs. Strimple highly recommends the biography database. No password or login is needed for this site.  

INSPIRE database is designed to meet the information needs of all the citizens of Indiana.  Through INSPIRE, Indiana residents have access to 26 databases with more than 8,000 magazines, encyclopedias, almanacs, and other materials for research, school projects, business information and lifelong learning.

World Book - web address is World Book Advanced intergrates primary and secondary source databases in a single search. Resources include encyclopedic content, e-books, multimedia, a vast collection of primary source documents, and a wealth of research tools that allow students to customize and save their work.
According to Mrs. Strimple this is the best thing since sliced bread. You do not need a login or password for Citation Machine.
Citation Machine is an interactive web tool designed to assist high school, college, and university students, their teachers, and independent researchers in their effort to respect other people's intellectual properties.
This is a growing ebook collection. See Mrs. Strimple for download instructions for your specific device.

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