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The Herbert Brothers

CNN/SR members learn from Joe and Dave Herbert

The Herbert Brothers spoke to CNN/SR members on November 10 in the South Ripley Library Media Center. Joe and Dave talked to the students about the making of their winning commerical, Free Doritos. The Herbert Brothers won the Doritos competition and also won as the 2009 Super Bowl's number one commercial.
They are currently employed by Doritos and will be traveling to this year's Super Bowl. The brothers have several projects in the works. They have created commericals for Country Side Realty and Shasta. They are currently waiting to hear about approval for their second commerical for Shasta. They have created a board game, Triviathon, which is available locally at the Batesville CVS and Kroger.
The brothers shared their story of how the arrived at producing the winning commercial. Joe and Dave also shared tips on how the students can improve their videos and develop creative ideas. They also shared how they were always creative as students but did not pursue video production as a career. Students were given the opportunity to ask questions and view their latest commerical.
Third period Media Technology students had the opportunity to show Joe and Dave several samples of their work. The brothers enjoyed watching videos from third period Media Technology students and told the students that their videos looked like that when they were in high school.
Additional information about the Herbert Brothers can be found on their website

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