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Website Evaluation


I know you hear it from your teachers all the time, "Make sure the website you are using is a reputable one." Would anyone really put information on a website that was not true? Yes, they would and yes, they do!!!!
In your quest to find the best website for your project or paper, use these guidelines:
  • Date
  • 1. I know when this information was written or produced.
  • 2. The date is current enough for my project/paper.
  • Authority
  • 1. I can find who is responsible for the information on this website (individual person or company/institution/organization).
  • 2. What makes this person an expert on this topic - credentials, professional experience and/or education?
  • 3. If they have the credentials, are they experienced and knowledgeable on the topic or subject?
  • Objectivity
  • 1. Is the creator of the website presenting the facts?
  • 2. Is the creator of the website presenting unbiased information?
  • 3. If the website is created by a company/organization or institution, are they trying to sell you their idea or product?
  • Coverage
  • 1. Is the information written so that you can understand it?
  • 2. Is there enough information to answer most of your research questions?
  • Accuracy
  • 1. Did you compare the information given on the website with at least one other source? (book, magazine, newspaper, encyclopedia)
  • 2. Does the information given on the website match information found in other sources?

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