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About Us

The Terry Fischvogt Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society at South Ripley was formed in 2005. It is open to 7th graders and 8th graders who meet the guidelines for scholarship and character as outlined by the Faculty Council at the end of first semester. 

Any student who earns a cumulative 3.5 grade point average in their core classes will be given a qualification letter that request students to apply for admission. Qualifying students that received an out of school suspension or RCATS will not be given a qualification letter. Upon receiving a qualification letter, they are then required to submit a typed resume and a letter of recommendation to the Faculty Council. The Faculty Council will then determine which students will be admitted to the National Junior Honor Society based on the resume, letter of recommendation, and observations made by the members of the committee.  

Lindsay Hafft and Megan Niese are the advisors and will enforce the guidelines set forth by the Faculty Council. The Faculty Council is composed of Jenna Homola, Belinda Mockbee, Andrew Bayne, Katie Lanter, and Laura Beck.

The National Junior Honor Society serves as an opportunity for students to develop service and leadership skills. Members will be required to complete ten hours of service by executing at least two service projects during their membership.

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