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Drug Tip Hot-line

We are pleased to announce that Rick Ertel, Ripley County Prosecutor, has created a toll-free tipline where concerned citizens and members of the community can inform law enforcement of any suspected drug activity and/or criminal activity in Ripley County. The phone line will be directed to the Prosecutor’s Officer Resource Officer, who will field all calls and messages. All callers can remain 100% anonymous.

The overall goal of the tipline is to create a streamlined resource for law enforcement agencies in the county. With all tips and information being filtered through the Prosecutor’s Office.

We will be posting this information on our school web-site and school newsletters.

The phone line is 1-855-812-DRUG. The website is Additionally, we have a “Report a Bully” anonymous link on our own school web site.

Thank you for supporting our students and school.

Rob Moorhead, Superintendent

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