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Superintendent Moorhead and T.B.G. Supervisor Gil Landwehr have arranged for residents to keep abreast of school closings, delays and emergency-related information via text messages and emails.

While radio and television will still be used to publicize such information, many of you may prefer this method of notification. Nixle is a web-based service used by a variety of government entities, including law enforcement, school and other public service agencies, to disseminate time sensitive information within their communities. After registering on line, individual users can choose the types and origins of notifications they wish to receive.

To set up your Citizen's Account, log on to
  • Step 1: Select "Sign Up"
    • You will be asked to input your email address, a password, and your name.
    • Mobile phone is optional; but you should include a mobile number if you would like to receive SMS text messages to your cell phone.
    • Your home phone can also be listed and you can choose to have voice messages sent to home or cell phones.
    • Click on "I ACCEPT, SIGN ME UP!"
  • Step 2: You will be asked to designate a home area.
    • This can be the nearest major cross streets, or the address of the agency you'd like to receive messages from.
  • Step 3: The following steps ask you to refer a friend and input additional demographical information, both of which you can choose to skip.
  • Step 4: To subscribe to South Ripley Schools, go to the Settings tab.
    • Click the check box next to South Ripley Community School Corp. to subscribe. (You can also select other agencies here, as well as designate the types of messages to be sent to your cell phone.)
    • Click SAVE at the bottom of screen.
NOTE: Users are responsible for maintaining the accuracy for their contact information and need to be aware that text message fees may apply for those individuals who do not have a package as part of their cellular phone contract. If you have a text account this is a free notification system.

If you have questions or comments contact Mr. Landwehr / T.B.G. Supervisor

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