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Superintendent's Monthly Column Archive

Superintendent’s Monthly Column in the Versailles Republican

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1Guest Column March 2019Guest Column March 2019 (Details)777 times
2Guest Column February 2019Guest Column February 2019 (Details)743 times
3Guest Column January 2019Guest Column January 2019 (Details)724 times
4Guest Column December 2018Guest Column December 2018 (Details)819 times
5Guest Column November 2018Guest Column November 2018 (Details)769 times
6Guest Column October 2018Guest Column October 2018 (Details)748 times
7Guest Column September 2018Guest Column September 2018 (Details)760 times
8Guest Column August 2018Guest Column August 2018 (Details)809 times
9Guest Column July 2018Guest Column July 2018 (Details)927 times
10Guest Column June 2018Guest Column June 2018 (Details)934 times
11Guest Column May 2018Guest Column May 2018 (Details)969 times
12Guest Column April 2018Guest Column April 2018 (Details)1112 times
13Guest Column March 2018Guest Column March 2018 (Details)1112 times
14Guest Column February 2018Guest Column February 2018 (Details)970 times
15Guest Column January 2018Guest Column January 2018 (Details)978 times
16Guest Column December 2017Guest Column December 2017 (Details)1067 times
17Guest Column November 2017Guest Column November 2017 (Details)961 times
18Guest Column October 2017Guest Column October 2017 (Details)1056 times
19Guest Column September 2017Guest Column September 2017 (Details)1030 times
20Guest Column August 2017Guest Column August 2017 (Details)1123 times
21Guest Column July 2017Guest Column July 2017 (Details)979 times
22Guest Column June 2017Guest Column June 2017 (Details)1066 times
23Guest Column May 2017Guest Column May 2017 (Details)1309 times
24Guest Column April 2017Guest Column April 2017 (Details)1080 times
25Guest Column March 2017Guest Column March 2017 (Details)1004 times
26Guest Column January 2017Guest Column January 2017 (Details)1004 times
27Guest Column December 2016Guest Column December 2016 (Details)1071 times
28Guest Column November 2016Guest Column November 2016 (Details)987 times
29Guest Column October 2016Guest Column October 2016 (Details)1047 times
30Guest Column September 2016Guest Column September 2016 (Details)1061 times
31Guest Column August 2016Guest Column August 2016 (Details)1112 times
32Guest Column July 2016Guest Column July 2016 (Details)1163 times
33Guest Column June 2016Guest Column June 2016 (Details)1025 times
34Guest Column May 2016Guest Column May 2016 (Details)1067 times
35Guest Column April 2016Guest Column April 2016 (Details)1186 times
36Guest Column March 2016Guest Column March 2016 (Details)963 times
37Guest Column February 2016Guest Column February 2016 (Details)1170 times
38Guest Column January 2016Guest Column January 2016 (Details)983 times
39Guest Column December 2015Guest Column December 2015 (Details)1096 times
40Guest Column November 2015Guest Column November 2015 (Details)987 times
41Guest Column October 2015Guest Column October 2015 (Details)987 times
42Guest Column September 2015Guest Column September 2015 (Details)1076 times
43Guest Column August 2015Guest Column August 2015 (Details)1166 times
44Guest Column July 2015Guest Column July 2015 (Details)1020 times
45Guest Column June 2015Guest Column June 2015 (Details)1025 times
46Guest Column April 2015Guest Column April 2015 (Details)1161 times
47Guest Column March 2015Guest Column March 2015 (Details)965 times
48Guest Column February 2015Guest Column February 2015 (Details)1096 times
49Guest Column Jan 2015Guest Column Jan 2015 (Details)1096 times
50Guest Column May 2015Guest Column May 2015 (Details)993 times
51Guest Column December 2014Guest Column December 2014 (Details)1134 times
52Guest Column November 2014Guest Column November 2014 (Details)1033 times
53Guest Column October 2014Guest Column October 2014 (Details)1021 times
54Guest Column September 2014Guest Column September 2014 (Details)1180 times
55Guest Column August 2014Guest Column August 2014 (Details)1194 times
56Guest Column July 2014Guest Column July 2014 (Details)1134 times
57Guest Column June 2014Guest Column June 2014 (Details)1389 times
58Guest Column May 2014Guest Column May 2014 (Details)1245 times
59Guest Column April 2014Guest Column April 2014 (Details)1369 times
60Guest Column March 2014Guest Column March 2014 (Details)1246 times
61Guest Column Feb 2014Guest Column Feb 2014 (Details)1169 times
62Guest Column Jan 2014Guest Column Jan 2014 (Details)1316 times
63Guest Column Nov 2013Guest Column Nov 2013 (Details)1182 times
64Guest Column Dec 2013Guest Column Dec 2013 (Details)1249 times
65Guest Column Oct 2013Guest Column Oct 2013 (Details)1172 times
66Guest Column Sept 2013Guest Column Sept 2013 (Details)1230 times

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